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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Like many other social networking site Klikot is also providing you great tools with which you can interact with the world with your own priorities. The features are great, some of which are:

-Klikot is a social network where you can manage your social life, and get rewarded for it!
- You can create albums, upload pictures and tag your friends in them (which links to their own profile).
- You can create and search for events like parties, trips or any other get together.
- You can create cliques for a common interest and invite people to join it, discuss, upload pictures, manage events and more.
- You can create articles and submit your own content for others to view, enjoy and reply.
- In Klikot you get rewarded for your contribution to the community according to people you have invited to join Klikot and the traffic you create on the site.
- Klikot is layered in a way that helps you join a specific network based on your age, so that you take part in the community where you really belong.
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