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Monday, April 12, 2010

MyPage5 - You are Not Alone

Social networking sites are on the rise now. Some times back you can not get any money for your activities on social networking sites but now more and more sites are popping up on the internet with lucrative incentive for their members and mypage5 is also one of them where you can make new friends and at the same time can also earn money from your activities on this site. There are number of ways with which you can make money like:
- At first by signing up you can get initial sign up bonus amount of $5.00 with photo.
- You can make money by uploading a video, photo, or if you can create a blog.
- The members can also make money by commenting on other member’s blogs, videos or photos.
- You can get your money with online payment service money processor, paypal easily at the end of the month.
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